With Regard To COVID, Alabamians Need Freedom, Not Fear: A Response To Al.com’s Kyle Whitmire

Will opens by cataloging the many “movements” the Left embraces–from climate change to animal rights to COVID–and discusses how their point is never centered around a concern for this or that cause, but rather to increase the power and control that government has over our lives. He focuses on real COVID misinformation, distinguishing between the politics and the science of the virus. He zeroes in on a column at al.com written by Kyle Whitmire, who (by his own admission) wants Alabamians to be afraid, so they’ll become compliant. Will ends by reacting to New York Mayor DeBlasio’s new citywide vaccine mandate.

Will Anderson
Will Anderson is the host of The Will Anderson Show. Listen to the latest episodes now by going to www.willandersonradio.com.

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