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Jeff Sessions interview from Washington DC


Alabama Falls From 1st To 10th Most Conservative State…

…But still, many more Americans identify themselves as conservative than liberal.  Watch this, from Gallup:

Will Anderson standing under his first billboard!

Will Anderson, wondering why it's taken this long to see his name in lights!

Will Anderson, wondering why it’s taken this long to see his name in lights!

More On Inequality…

…from Charles Krauthammer tonight:

Inequality — Crisis or Scam

Pat Buchanan’s latest column is a primer on the folly of egalitarianism.

Pick Six: Time for midterm predictions

This time Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt is the one doing the picking, not me. His piece is political analysis at its keenest.

Sen. Trip Pittman proceeds with bill to drug test some welfare recipients, says it differs from Florida law blocked by court

If there is a reason to criticize this bill, it is that it’s far too lenient.  All welfare recipients should be drug tested–particularly those with prior drug convictions.  Pittman’s bill would only test the prior conviction crowd, and then give them a warning the first time they tested positive!

Read the whole story here.

Ted Cruz On This Week

Cruz was easily the most interesting interview on the weekend shows.  Watch:

ObamaCare Is Coming To Pass, Which Is Bad News For The President

The New York Post reports on a CNN poll which indicates a 60% opposition to ObamaCare among women.

And then there’s this:


From The Los Angeles Times.

Gibbs: If Numbers Hold Up, It’s Tough To See How Dems Keep Senate

When Gibbs calls the Senate for the Republicans, The President has nothing about which to smile.  Video here.

Convicted tree poisoner Harvey Updyke wants his monthly restitution payment cut by 90 percent

From “Convicted tree poisoner Harvey Updyke Jr. wants an Elmore County court to slash his monthly restitution payments to Auburn University by 90 percent.

“In a motion filed this week in Elmore County Circuit Court, Updyke’s attorney requested the court reduce his monthly payment from $500 to $50.”

If Updyke gets his way, it will take him 1,300 years to pay his debt off.  The good news is, the judge doesn’t seem to be sympathetic.  The bad news is, as I calculate things, Updyke won’t be able to pay his restitution even if things stay the same.

Huntsville TV anchor’s proposal makes BuzzFeed’s 18 most over-the-top marriage proposals of 2013 list

The story is here, and the video is a must watch.

MSNBC’s Alternative Universe

Charles C. W. Cooke’s thoughts at National Review make a for a good read.

What are Alabama’s best performing cities? 4 state metros make national list…

…And of the four, Huntsville came in first, even though it fell from last year.  Read the story here.


The story from Breitbart quotes the actor as saying in a Playboy interview that when he watches “a guy [on screen] I know is a big Republican, part of me thinks, I probably wouldn’t like this person if I met him, or we would have different opinions. That s*#! fogs the mind when you should be paying attention and be swept into the illusion.”

And Hollywood wonders why some people don’t go see their movies?

Think before you speak, Ben.

Republicans tout campaign to blunt Obama’s executive powers

This story from The Hill can’t pass without comment.  It begins, “House Republicans say they’re proud of their 2013 campaign to stymie President Obama’s regulatory agenda, even as Congress comes under fire for one of its least productive years.

“The bitterly divided Congress will pass fewer laws in 2013 than any year in modern history. As a result of the gridlock, President Obama has turned to his administration’s regulatory authority in pursuit of key policy goals, including efforts to tackle gun violence and climate change.”

As you read the whole thing, keep in mind that gridlock is good, Congress has the Constitutional prerogative to pass laws or not, and President Obama doesn’t have the authority to regulate things simply because Congress doesn’t pass them.

Venom between Obama and Rangel

The New York Post story begins, “They’re two of the most powerful African-American politicians in the land. And by most accounts, President Obama and Rep. Charles Rangel hate each other.”

Rangel has always been a Hillary fan, which is to say, when it comes to the Congressman and the President, race is irrelevant.

It’s as refreshing as it is amusing.  The civil war in the Democratic Party continues, even among their “special interest” groups.

Tomorrow’s News Today

George Will made the case during the Fox News Sunday panel today that Obama was still learning how big government can’t work.  It was, in his words amusing.  Take a look:

NAACP leader tells Charleston audience battle for equality must continue

I agree with the sentiment.  Proper economic policies, of course, help all of us prosper.