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Jeff Sessions interview from Washington DC


Alabama Falls From 1st To 10th Most Conservative State…

…But still, many more Americans identify themselves as conservative than liberal.  Watch this, from Gallup:

Will Anderson standing under his first billboard!

More On Inequality…

…from Charles Krauthammer tonight:

Inequality — Crisis or Scam

Pat Buchanan’s latest column is a primer on the folly of egalitarianism.

Doctors say gene therapy helping blood cells fight cancer

While doctors are innovating, Obama is stalling.  They want to help people; he wants to hoodwink folks.

Each day, his prospects seem to be looking worse, which is good for those of us counting on the latest in gene therapy.

Story here.

Remembering Pearl Harbor

There are numerous tributes out there today, but this is a bit of comic relief–and it brilliantly puts the failure of Obamacare in perspective:

“We reduced Japan to a pile of radioactive smoking rubble in 1,346 days. It’s now Day 1,355 and, despite promises to do likewise to the healthcare system, they’re still working on it. The FDR administration built almost a hundred working aircraft carriers faster than the Obama administration has managed to build one working website.”

Team of destiny: Auburn’s magical turnaround will land Tigers in BCS National Championship Game…

…and Obama had nothing to do with it.

A ‘New Normal’ November jobs report: The long emergency for US workers continues

“If the US labor market were back at pre-Great Recession levels, this would have been a pretty decent employment report,” begins James Pethokoukis in his latest blog at The American Enterprise Institute.

Read his five bullet points here.

Two men speak out against Obamacare, receive IRS notices on same day

From The Washington Times: “When conservative organizations claimed that they were targeted by the IRS, the one-third or so of the nation who still trust this president may actually question whether the dots connect to prove it. But what if two people speak out against Obamacare, working together publicly on an Obamacare-related problem, and then receive threatening letters from the IRS — on the same day?”

Read on.

Was Obamacare Intended To “Screw Over Young People?”

Yes, says the RNC Chairman:

The Crimson White apologizes for Iron Bowl editorial cartoon after social media backlash

We talked about this on the show tonight; read the story from al.com here.

In touching tribute to Mandela, Obama posts photo of himself watching TV

An op-ed in today’s Investor’s Business Daily catalogs Obama’s propensity for capitalizing on anything–most recently the death of Nelson Mandela–as a means of highlighting himself.

The piece ends with the observation that Obama “managed to reference Obama 14 times.”

Given his track record, 14 times seems rather modest.

The Bad Jobs News

I, for one, don’t want to be pessimistic about the economy.  But, as Patrick Brennan demonstrates at National Review, the numbers don’t lie.

Piers Morgan Tries and Fails to Enlist Rick Warren in His Anti-Gun Crusade

When will Morgan learn?

Story here.

Obama And Income Inequality

The question to Jay Carney came from Jim Acosta who works for CNN.  And he wasn’t flattering The President:

5 Laws That Made Sense on Paper (And Disasters in Reality)

This is an entertaining read.  Thanks, Matt, for sharing it.

Has Angola banned Islam? Not yet, at least

So opines Syahredhan Johan at The Star Online.  The best part of the piece is, “The problem for Muslims in Angola is that according to Angolan laws, a religious group must have 100,000 members and must be present in 12 out of the 18 provinces. There are only about 90,000 Muslims in Angola out of a population of 18 million people, according to a report. As they failed to meet this requirement, Muslim religious groups are not recognised by Angola laws.”

Read the whole piece.

Wasserman Schultz: All Dem Candidates Will Run On Obamacare And Use It As “An Advantage”

Go Debbie, Go!

Watch here.

Why voters are finished believing Obama’s health care promises

Byron York’s piece at The Washington Examiner today begins, “In April, Real Clear Politics’ average of polls showed that 47 percent of Americans opposed Obamacare, while 41 percent supported it — a 6-percentage-point edge for opponents of the president’s health care law, which at the time was still months away from implementation.

“The latest average of polls, less than two months into the law’s rollout, shows 57 percent opposing Obamacare, with 38 percent supporting — an enormous 19-point gap between opponents and supporters.”

Those are the numbers; read the whole thing to ascertain their ramifications.

The UN Global Warming Hoax is Slowly Dying

The story is from The Canada Free Press.

Rangel Wants Presidential Executive Orders for ‘Everything’

And so does the President.  His heckler was planted–but don’t take my word for it; after you read the Rangel story, watch and judge for yourself.

John Boehner’s premiums spike under Obamacare

Perhaps the Speaker will work to overturn Obamacare for personal reasons?

The story is from Politico.

Alabama musician Wayne Mills shot and killed in bar fight in Nashville

As you read the story, ask, why?  Morality isn’t a dirty word.  Its presence might have prevented this.

Social conservatism, in other words, is a good thing.

The Power Of The Human Mind

Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Florida at age sixty-something, and Showtime had a great special cataloging her journey and determination. I was channel surfing today after walking the dog and came across it.  It was inspiring. She demonstrated that accomplishing one’s dream is imminently possible irrespective of roadblocks.

The Showtime special didn’t focus on her sexual preference–in fact, unless I missed it while getting a cup of coffee, it wasn’t mentioned.  If you Google her, though the message you’ll take away is that she’s a gay swimmer.

The message should be that one can succeed, period, if he or she is strong mentally.  Nyad is a role model, not because of who her “partner” is, but because she accomplished what she wanted to.  She proves that all of us, with hard work, can realize our dreams.

The mainstream press misses that, of course, because it celebrates all things non-conservative, and it looks for victims.

She isn’t a victim.  She was determined to beat the odds, and she did. The rest of us can as well.  The economy, for instance, may be challenging, just as the current in the ocean was for Ms. Nyad, but the human mind can overcome any roadblock.