Of Course… This Is Why Biden Will Lose.

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The left has been quick to characterize the recent Trump rally as a failure because it didn’t garner as many people as his rallies typically do. Never mind that Joe Biden can’t get any more than 20 or so people at any campaign event. Embarrassing!

Trump wants to continue doing what has worked for four years: Keep taxes low (and perhaps cut them further), and stay focused on the bad guys, be them China or radical Islamic terrorists.

And on point two, Biden transparently provides the best case against his candidacy: He’s dangerously soft on the bad guys.

Foreign policy is traditionally the domain of Republicans (Democrats simply aren’t interested), but these days, it is a concern for most voters. And anybody looking for an answer to dealing with Al-Qaeda, China or any other imbroglio in the world knows that looking to the Democrats is a losing proposition.

Biden was once the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and a look back at his record is a window into what not to do on the foreign policy front. He’s literally never been right when judging America’s best interests.

And these days, foreign policy is (or should be) front and center in any national campaign. 

Which is why Biden is bound to lose.

Will Anderson
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