Foreign Policy Matters

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Eric Swalwell, perhaps the leading useful idiot of our
time, wants to keep his seat on the House Intelligence
Committee despite being successfully targeted by China’s
main civilian spy agency between 2011 and 2015,
according to a story in Axios yesterday.

Fang Fang is a Chinese national who networked and slept
her way into the lives and offices of prominent politicians,
including the California representative who has become
well known as a leader in the Trump-Russia hoax. As the
story of Swalwell’s impotent involvement with Ms. Fang
has quickly turned into a national spectacle, he has
adopted the all-purpose “it’s Trump’s fault” mantra. “I’ve
been a critic of the president,” he said. “I’ve spoken out
against him. I was on both committees that worked to
impeach him. The timing feels like that should be looked

Leaving aside how pathetic it comes across to actually
blame Trump for being duped by a communist,
Swalwell’s story brings up a broader, even more
important point: Foreign policy has been the Democrats’
weakest link since the post-Truman years and there are
no signs that that’s about to change.

In a piece in the Atlantic penned by an unknown staffer
posing as Biden, the man who could become President
writes about General Lloyd Austin, his choice for defense
secretary, “The next secretary of defense will need to
immediately quarterback an enormous logistics operation
to help distribute COVID-19 vaccines widely and
equitably. Austin oversaw the largest logistical operation
undertaken by the Army in six decades—the Iraq

Biden’s biggest selling point for confirming General
Austin, in other words, is that he did a good job of
removing our troops from Iraq—and that the logistical
skills involved will be excellent for fighting…COVID.
Never mind that the biggest threats to our safety at the
moment are (in alphabetical order) Chinese communism
and radical Islamic terrorism. Biden doesn’t see things
that way, of course; he’s too busy making personal deals
with Chinese communists and reinserting America into
the Iran nuclear deal. China isn’t a threat to us, Biden has
. And ISIS? It’s just a “flash in the pan,” Austin once
quipped, leading Obama to naively refer to the terrorist
group as the “jayvee team.”

Oh, and by the way, the word is that Biden will make Pete
Buttigieg the U.S. Ambassador to China
. I’m sure
President Xi, in all of his cultural enlightenment, will
appreciate meeting Mayor Pete’s husband.

Foreign policy should never be an afterthought, as it was
under Bill Clinton, whose lack of response to repeated
radical Islamist attacks on American interests led to 911,
or under Barack Obama, whose foreign policy failures
culminated in the Benghazi debacle. Biden, whose long
career in Congress amounts to a string of foreign policy
failures, will do no better. The thought that he just might
make it to the post of commander in chief is yet another
reason why Georgia Democrats should vote Republican
next month.

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