How Biden Won

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden buys a pie at Buttercup Diner in Oakland, California on Super Tuesday, March 3, 2020. JOSH EDELSON, AFP Via Getty Images

Pure Speculation

Indulge me for a moment, folks. I want to tell you what I
think happened last month, not based upon fact, but on
pure speculation. Liberals speculate all the time, after all,
so why shouldn’t I?

Remember in 2016 when Peter Strzok promised, “We’ll
” Trump from becoming President? The Russia witch
hunt followed, and the residue of that rumor is still used
to go after Trump. Eric Swalwell, Chinese tool (whose
brother and father just severed their Facebook friendships
with Fang Fang, Chinese spy, this morning), insists he has
been targeted by the Trump administration because of his
part in the Russia probe. And Team Biden has suggested
more than once that any information received about
Hunter’s ties with China is coming right from the

While we’re on the subject of Biden, an intriguing
question is, if Democrats wanted a nominee to fire up the
base and have an actual chance of running competitively
against Trump, why choose a longtime wishy-washy
moderate who’s failed more than once in his bid for the
presidency? Arguably, Bernie Sanders would have had a
much better shot at beating Trump than Biden had.

And speaking of Bernie, wasn’t he on track to in fact be
the nominee before Biden made an unprecedented
on Super Tuesday, sweeping the south and
even taking Massachusetts?

Maybe—just maybe—Bernie, however far to the Left he
is, was just too honest to be the man on top of the ticket
when a full-fledged fraud effort was underway. Sanders
strikes me as someone who would want to win fair and
square (the same can’t be said about Biden, who happily
plagiarized a British politician during his first failed
attempt at the presidency).

If any Democrat was going to beat Trump by cheating,
Biden seemed like the man. His Ukraine and China
challenges evinced his disregard for the law. And he was
an obvious puppet for national Democrat operatives in
collusion with state Democrats busy rigging the election.

Did I say “collusion” and “rigging?”

It’s pure speculation, of course.

Will Anderson
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