The Big Lie And Georgia’s Election Law: It’s About Conservatism, Not Trump

Democrats clinging to the “Big Lie” narrative is more than just a matter of who won the election last year. And it’s a lot more than just about Donald Trump. It’s about the core ideology of conservatism.

We lost an election in 1996 because conservatism wasn’t on the ballot. Ditto in 2008 and 2012. Had Bob Dole or John McCain or Mitt Romney won, they all would have likely been one-term Presidents. Because we Republicans would have said after four years of any of them, what’s the point? Democrats would have beaten us on turnout alone.

Democrats have beaten us in terms of turnout for a long time. When it comes to winning the White House, they put their policy differences aside and stick behind their candidate. “Anybody but Trump” was the attitude last year for them. But it hasn’t been that long since they were saying “anybody but Bush.” Bush wasn’t a perfect conservative, but he was much more conservative than his father. Historically George W. Bush was kind of a bridge from Reagan to Trump. Ideologically that is.

The point is, we didn’t lose in 2008 because of eight years of Bush. We lost in 2008 because our nominee wasn’t conservative. That’s precisely why the media had a love affair with him. John McCain, I’m talking about.

Look who else ran in the Republican Party primary that year, by the way: Mike Huckabee. Rudy Giuliani. Ron Paul. All three of those candidates, in their own way, were much more appealing as conservatives then was John McCain. Ron Paul’s libertarianism was attractive. His adherence to the gold standard was attractive. Giuliani was a law-and-order kind of guy. He was America’s mayor. Huckabee was appealing to evangelical conservatives.

The problem for Conservatives has always been (since after Reagan at least) that the conservative candidate doesn’t make it through the Republican primary process. An establishment candidate–a safe guy–always wins. For decades, the media has convinced far too many Republicans that conservatism can’t prevail. That’s because conservatism threatens their beliefs. So they demonize us. We don’t care about clean air or clean water or the children or the elderly.

And so we nominate somebody like Mitt Romney, for instance, who last year–just to prove my point–was marching with Black Lives Matter. The press always goes easy on these wishy-washy moderates. And so we think, wow, we should nominate THAT guy. Nobody’s gonna accuse him of pushing elderly minorities over the cliff in wheelchairs.

We’ve been falling for it every presidential election cycle since the late 80s.

And then down the escalator of relevance comes Donald Trump in 2019. He says we need to build a wall. He says we need to put America first. He says, make America great again. He doesn’t try to be a sycophant to the press. Quite the opposite! He calls the media fake news. And it sticks! He doesn’t dodge them the way Uncle Junior has been doing. He stands there for hours sometimes and takes their questions and mocks their inconsistencies. He literally talks circles around them. And it makes them angry. Because they feel threatened by him.

And their biggest fears are realized when he beats Hillary Clinton. Nobody was supposed to do that! She was going to be the first woman president ever. Notice how the left abandoned her after she lost. She tried to remain relevant, but the press and establishment kook liberals had no use for her. Their fixation became Donald Trump. And they hated him because he won. Not because he was childish or megalomaniacal or offensive but because he represented conservatism. Not since Ronald Reagan had real conservatism triumphed in the presidential race.

And then Trump started governing. He cut taxes. He built the wall. It’s not complete yet, but it wasn’t just lip service that he paid to the issue while he was campaigning. He crushed ISIS. He procured the Abraham Accords. He stood up for the flag and the country and Christianity without apology.

He was the worst nightmare that liberals ever had. He had a nickname for all the prominent ones; the Left said it was uncouth, but what they were really upset about was that he was doing it to them rather than they doing it to us as they had been for so long.

And what really got them was that his policies worked. And worse than that, a man who loved to brag was able to brag about his policies. He was able to say the lowest black unemployment rate and the lowest women’s unemployment rate and Hispanic unemployment rate. He was able to say that he had wiped out ISIS. What he did on the border worked. (And who doesn’t want to go back to that now?)

And the more Biden expands government with trillion-dollar spending programs (and now the biggest tax increase in history), who isn’t going to want to go back to Trump-era economic policies? In fact, Biden has been so deliberate and up front about undoing everything that Trump did that the two sides in America’s political debate have been clearly defined: not Biden versus Trump, but liberalism versus conservatism. Conservatism worked for Americans over the last four years. Liberalism is failing right now before our very eyes under Biden.

And it will fail if Biden doesn’t make it through four years and Kamala Harris becomes president. It can’t work. It’s never worked when it’s been tried—here or anywhere else in the world. That’s not an opinion, folks.

So in three years, the only thing that will be able to keep liberalism in the White House is a Republican Party that fails to nominate a conservative. Whether that conservative is Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis or Mike Pompeo or Mike Huckabee or Mike Pence–name your conservative. He or she will crush liberalism in 2024.

So, conservatism has to be discredited again in order for Democrats to keep power. And the best way to do that if you are the Democratic Party or the press is to make Donald Trump go away forever. That’s exactly what the second impeachment was all about. That’s exactly what their ongoing narrative with regard to January 6th is all about. And that’s exactly why they call the notion that the election was stolen a “Big Lie.”

What’s going on in Georgia right now has nothing to do with race. And in the big picture it has nothing to do with Donald Trump per say. It has to do with beating conservatism down the road. Election fraud in Georgia last year (and we catalogued that fraud on this show yesterday) helped put Biden in the White House. The specific provisions of Georgia’s election law that were temporarily suspended or amended because of COVID allowed Georgia Democrats to cheat more easily. The law that the legislature passed and the governor signed made it harder to do that in the future.

And as you know, similar things are happening in state legislatures all over the country for the very same reason: COVID-related temporary changes to election law polluted the outcomes of the elections in those states.

When you step back and realize that that is what is going on, it no longer seems like a contradiction that Major League Baseball was pressured into taking the All-Star game out of a city with a large black population and moving it to a city with an even larger white population. Colorado will never decide a presidential election; Georgia might. So even though the two states have very similar election laws on the books, it is crucial for liberals (in their efforts to secure victory in the future) that Georgia’s election law be changed to something much closer to the temporary provisions that were in place last year.

And I have a prediction: You’re going to see the push to abolish the Electoral College take off in the coming months and years. HR1–The For The People Act–is the start of just that. Once you federalize the elections—i.e. do away with the Constitutional notion that states should govern their own election laws–it’ll be a lot easier to sell the public on the idea of doing away with the way presidential elections are held. This is why more and more Left-wing pundits note in their columns (they go out of their way to make this point sometimes–when it’s off-topic, even) that Republican presidential candidates who have won the White House in recent years have lost the popular vote.

But I digress. Changing the way we elect presidents and making it easier to cheat in elections is just one way liberals seek to permanently beat conservatism. Their main obsession is Trump, the most effective presidential mouthpiece for conservatism in a generation, and by extension, anyone associated with Trump. Which means any conservatives who supported Trump and who might win elections in the future. In Alabama, Mo Brooks is a target of these people.

Look at what just happened to Ron DeSantis. The hit piece that 60 Minutes did on him was so egregiously unfair that even a Democratic mayor in his home state leaped to his defense. And Speaking of Florida, there’s the case of Matt Gaetz. As I said on this show, at this point I believe Matt Gaetz. If you’ve noticed, the allegations came out, and the media made a big deal out of them for a day or two, and they’ve since died. If he’s guilty of wrongdoing, he should resign. You and I agree on this, folks. Unlike the liberals, some of whom even today continue to apologize for Andrew Cuomo.

The point is, as soon as this story was published, the Left so hoped it was true that they ran with it. Don Lemon was euphoric on CNN. He wasn’t outraged; he was thrilled that someone so closely associated with Donald Trump might be taken out.

Even if Gaetz is fully exonerated, Democrats in the media will milk the story for all its worth. Trump is a racist they maintain to this day, so if you voted for Trump, you’re a racist. And since Matt Gaetz supports Trump, you’re not only a racist; you may be a sex trafficker.

They think that by keeping the discussion on personalities, whether it’s Trump or Gaetz or Mo Brooks or Ron Desantis or anybody else in the Republican Party who is a conservative or who didn’t vote to impeach or convict Trump, they can keep the rest of us on defense. And they hope they can convince us to nominate a wishy-washy moderate who will inevitably lose to Joe Biden or Kamala Harris in 2024.

This is why it’s important for us to push back on their “Big Lie” lie. It’s not about who won last year’s election; it’s about which ideology—conservatism or socialism—will prevail in the future.

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