Adios, YouTube…

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Two days ago on the show, we introduced our new Roving Man On The Street, Mark Grooms (if you haven’t heard it yet, check out the podcast).

Today, the authoritarian losers at YouTube decided that our channel should be canceled. Was it that we mentioned God? Or last year’s stolen election? Who knows. These things happen when the rules are arbitrary.

It reminds me of my trip to Nicaragua when I was in high school. I knew I was going to a communist country, but since I was an American, staying with diplomats, I’d be fine, right? My parents even checked with their friend, former Attorney General Griffin Bell, who agreed.

I was fine, but my two weeks living in a country where the rule of law was laughed at were eye-opening. At one point, as we were relaxing on the beach, I looked up to see that we were surrounded by Sandinista soldiers bearing arms. They just stared at us for a while, and then walked off. Our offense? Breathing, I suppose.

The day I arrived at the airport to go home, I pulled my boarding pass out of my travel bag so I’d have it ready to show the person at the airline desk. Seat 13C was assigned to me. I’d had a good time, but I couldn’t wait to get back to where the only restraints on me came from home.

I handed the boarding pass to the airline employee. She took it, and without even looking down, said, in very broken English, “There are no seats on this flight.”

“But that’s my boarding pass—I got it back in Miami,” I arrogantly protested, hiding my fear.

“I’m sorry,” she replied without emotion, and with no direct eye contact.

“There must be a mistake,” I insisted, a little less presumptively.

Without answering, she began “helping” the next person in line. I turned and sprinted through the miserable airport, out into the parking lot, and all the way to my friend’s car; his dad was just about to close his door. I told him what had happened, and he came back in with me. After showing the woman his diplomatic passport and exchanging a sentence or two in Spanish with her, she finally looked me in the eye (with contempt) and said, “I have found your seat.”

I don’t know if she actually worked for Ortega’s Marxist government, or if she had just adopted the culture of totalitarianism, the way YouTube here in the good ole USA in 2021 has. Nevertheless, this is still the greatest country on earth. And you can still access the Will Anderson Show—on The Grokall Channel, and on Rumble. We aren’t going anywhere, folks.

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