Who Is Will Anderson?

When Will decided to declare philosophy as his major, his father an engineer, was understandably concerned. “How are you going to use that in the real world?” he asked, to which Will answered that the rigors of the major would teach him how to think, and that would serve him well in any undertaking.

The answer was, at the time, unsatisfactory to his dad, and Will would later add that philosophy was a great pre-law major. Deep down, though, he knew he wouldn’t be pursuing law school, as his lifelong desire to be in radio eclipsed interest in any other profession (prior to taking to the airwaves, will briefly worked in telemarketing, where his “voice was his suit.” (As much as he hated phone sales, he did well.)

Fast forward to 2005, the year that, after a chance meeting with Dave Ramsey filled with good advice, Will walked into the studios of WVNN in Huntsville and immodestly asked to do a show during the afternoon drive hours. Despite extreme skepticism, the GM was persuaded to audition Anderson for the position, which had fortuitously just been vacated. After hitting a home run his first at bat, he was given a second shot in as many days. And then The Will Anderson Show was born.

It’s true that Will’s thinking skills are an asset, but his biggest gift is his ability to communicate, one on one, with the audience. His sense of humor doesn’t hurt of course, nor does his ability to impersonate folks from Bill Clinton to Bernie Sanders. The Will Anderson Show is, in fact Will Anderson—a hilariously brilliant right-wing personality. He invites guests to join him from time to time, but it is he who drives the show—his take on the issues of the day that matter most.

After fifteen years of radio, Will has decided to keep up with the times, and is launching a podcast, the format of which resembles his longstanding show, with an edginess sometimes frowned upon in radio. It’s news, information, analysis, and mostly entertainment. The kind of entertainment that will have you perennially anticipating the next podcast as soon as the one you’re listening to ends. Check it out now!